My Books

Our very own Chief Customer Officer, Lawrence Mitchell, is delivering today’s Gift of Wellness by giving SumoSalad customers free copies of his books. Lawrence is also a health coach, speaker and the CEO and founder of Raw Energy. He’s written three books and you can get hold of a copy for free today.

  • ‘A Better Life’ is a simple, 6-step process created to encourage busy people to start thinking about what matters most, and then create the energy and resources to take action.

  • In ‘Success without Stress’, Lawrence walks you through 50 techniques and tools that will help you prevent burnout and build your resilience for optimal health and performance.

  • SumoSalad is excited to bring you our first flexitarian recipe book, packed with simple delicious and healthy recipes to fuel the flexitarian in you. The battle for balance in our ...

  • Sugar is everywhere and is affecting our health, contributing to the dramatic growth in diabetes cases to 29 million Americans. Not to mention heart disease, cancer and other degenerative diseases. If you’re keen to feed your family a healthy diet, but are confused by all of the media and food marketing hype, this short guide will help.

  • Fuelled by a desire to get to the truth, the Kamwell and Raw Energy teams got together and set about speaking to UK-based HR leaders from across multiple industries and ...