coaching spotlight

Hi there!
I’m Lawrence and I’m a conscious leader, with bounds of positive energy, a depth of wellness expertise and breadth of business leadership and corporate and community marketing and wellness experience.
I am driven by a genuine desire to help people unblock and balance their energies to lead happier, healthier, more productive lives.

When worry and regret come knocking, bringing their friends ‘overwhelm’ and ‘stress’ with them, often the best thing you can do is set them free by sharing them with a trusted coach and advisor who can help you reframe the way you see and think about things.

Someone who has been there and done it, and can relate to your situation and share strategies and tools grounded in experience to help you pick the right path to take and run down it enthusiastically.

Someone who can support you and challenge you in a nice way to help you take decisive action.

I bring three areas of expertise which interrelate:

  • Executive coaching:
  • I’ve been running my own coaching practice since 2013, and have guided many people around the world to move towards a better life.
  • Wellbeing expertise:
  • I’ve been on a journey to optimise wellness since my 20s
  • I am a certified life, business & wellness coach
  • I am Chief Customer officer for a mainstream wellness, food brand: SumoSalad
  • I invest and have been on the board for a number of entrepreneurial and not-for profit organisations
  • I consult with food, technology and media brands around the world
  • I have built and run an award-winning, corporate wellbeing program that has impacted 1000s of lives, and now work with other brands to enhance employee wellbeing
  • I continue to learn as new research and innovation enters the market
  • Breadth of business leadership, entrepreneurial and modern marketing experience
  • I’ve led large, high performance teams in fast moving corporates for the last 20 years, successfully improving performance and driving millions of $s of value
  • I now work with entrepreneurial businesses and small business owners to help them optimise their businesses and identify growth engines.
  • I am supported by a trusted ecosystem of like-minded specialists who are hand-picked based on your individual needs.

Why me?

Having worked in multiple sectors and business models and been on my own wellbeing journey for many years, my experience and perspective will be different to yours, and I’d love to share my experience, successes and learnings to help you gain certainty and confidence to take action. I won’t have all of the answers, but can add significant value as long as you are committed to do the work.