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Sometimes you get to point in your life when you look back and everything makes sense. .

I’m at that point now.

Sometimes you get to point in your life when you look back and everything makes sense. I’m at that point now.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a perfect person, far from it. My life, like yours, has been full of ups and downs, joys and struggles. But somehow, I have managed to survive and thrive in my own personal life to enable me to help and support others wherever they are on their journey.

On paper, my bio sounds impressive. I’m the Chief Customer Officer of SumoSalad, the former Global CMO of RELX: Risk & Analytics, the Founder of Raw Energy, the author of three books, a global speaker and leadership coach.


I’ve written five books and you can get hold of a copy by clicking the links below:


  • Lawrence has been an awesome coach and mentor since the time we first met about 4 years ago! Over the past year, regular coaching sessions with him have helped me clarify, set goals aligned with my strengths and values and have simple systems in place to keep me moving forward with confidence. I have been a seeker and on Mindfulness journey for the past few years and with Lawrence’s help I have been able to push boundaries to make healthier choices and take steps towards my vision of holistic wellness. I love his energy and it has been truly inspiring…he knows exactly when to challenge me and support me to keep growing. I would strongly recommend arranging a virtual coffee with Lawrence if you are keen to transform yourself within and without. You will enjoy the journey! Thank you, Lawrence, for everything.

    - Reshma, Marketing Leader and Mindfulness trainer
  • It has been an exciting, rich, and fulfilling 6 months working with Lawrence as my life coach. Lawrence helped me to identify key problem areas including an impossible relationship, a poor morning routine and unhealthy negative self-talk. I now find myself in a happy relationship, have habituated a more positive start to my day and most importantly I feel a spring of well being has opened up inside me.

    Lawrence has really helped me along this growth process – most of all by being someone that is easy to talk deeply with, but combined with his simple “Raw Energy” diagnostic tools, he makes it easy to find out where I need improvement to provide me with the well being I desire.

    After our sessions, Lawrence would take careful time and attention to write back me our resolutions, insights and resources for creating the life I desire. I feel a lot of gratitude for the warmth, light and wisdom Lawrence has brought into my life, all of which that has helped me grow over the last 6 months. Thank you, Lawrence.

    - Simon Jankelson, Founder and Director, The Human Sound Project
  • Working with Lawrence and the Raw Energy philosophy has helped rebalance my priorities and goals. I previously focused almost solely on career goals to the detriment of my physical and mental health and relationships. By rebalancing my goals and learning more about health and wellbeing, I’ve been able to make consistent changes to improve my habits. I’m more active, make better food choices, am increasing my savings and have the physical, mental and emotional energy to achieve my goals.

    - Lucy Dunwell, Head of Marketing, New Scientist
  • Lawrence is an inspirational leader and manager, with the detailed focus that empowers high-quality on-time on-budget delivery of projects combined with a the big picture view that ensures each progression is a step in the long-term direction to continuous improvement at every level: products, processes and people. He is a pleasure to work for and really gets the best out of those around him, with far-reaching influence way beyond his immediate circle.

    - Sophy Ashworth, Former Head of Marketing, Reed Business Information, mother of three, Houston, USA
  • Lawrence has made such an impact on my life, helping provide me with the tools, framework, and questions that have allowed me to get to where I am today. When I first started attending coaching sessions with Lawrence, I was in the middle of a drastic career change, had quit my job in the U.S –leaving the industry I had been immersed in for the past 10 years, and had moved to Australia for what I thought would be ‘a year of escape/relaxing’. However, after arriving and getting into the swing of my new ‘relaxed’ –opposite-of-East Coast-lifestyle, I began to have many big –one might say soul-searching- questions. I felt unbalanced and confused as to not only what I wanted to do next, but also how to use my present time well, as that was something I was struggling with that was causing me anxiety.

    Through my meetings with Lawrence, he was able to help me figure out what the things were that I valued most, how present they were in my life, where there was room/opportunity to go after them, and how to be more self-compassionate, while still being intentional about my life.

    While at the time I was working, volunteering, running programs, and exploring the country-it still felt to me that my sessions with Lawrence were some of the most meaningful and important times of the whole year, and anchored me in a deep and meaningful way. Regardless of where I was mentally/physically at the time of our sessions, I always left our sessions feeling inspired, having had Lawrence help to provide insight into my inner desires. He always brought empathy and non-judgment to our sessions, while still challenging at the appropriate times in order to help me figure out what I really wanted, if there were thought patterns I was holding onto that needed changing. He would often raise alternative possibilities for what I had believed to be ‘absolute truths’.

    Lawrence’s extensive business experience, combined with his creative and soulful spirit is a rare combination for anyone and makes him an incredibly unique and valuable life coach, able to cater and connect with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. I am so thankful to have had Lawrence as a life coach and can’t recommend him enough!

    - Mira Biller, Sales & Experiential Marketing Executive, New York City, USA
  • A year ago, I was stuck in a dead-end job, procrastinating. In a single coach session, Lawrence has provided me with the appropriate tool and help to define, structure and focus on my ideals. 12 months down the line, things have happened and I collect daily rewards of what has been the best investment for a fulfilled and happier life.

    - Blandine Mathay,
  • I had the privilege of working with Lawrence for the best part of a decade when he was at the forefront of leading RBI’s transformation from a magazine business into a high performing data and analytics portfolio. Great guy whose marketing skills, leadership and people focus has made a significant difference to the success of this division of RELX.

    - Mike Fraser, Technology Leader in building high-quality software service
  • In the short time we have worked together, Lawrence has bolstered my sense of self and accomplishment. At a deeper level, he has helped me uncover what I have kept hidden from myself – the truth about what I do and how much I create. Can there be greater and more helpful work?

    He is helping me hone my sense of purpose – and helping me translate that purpose into measurable, impactful and joyful actions.

    Lawrence has been attuned to my blocks and to my gifts – balancing poetic vision with the nitty-gritty of how things work.
    I look forward to my sessions with Lawrence – they help free me from my inner voice which blocks me and reminds me of who and what I am and can be.

    Lawrence is direct, positive, discerning and strategic – a gift to any aspiring artist, entrepreneur or thought leader.

    - Mark Biller, Rabbi and Community Leader, NYC
  • It is an honour and pleasure to be working with Lawrence to help ‘fuel greatness’ and inspire and educate others to invest in their wellbeing and personal growth and success. Lawrence is a true leader in wellness with so much to share making him an inspiration to work with. He is also a great business coach who has been helping me in my journey. Lawrence is a great guy, is easy going and always has time for you.

    - Timo Topp, Sydney. Personal Trainer and Workplace Wellness Specialist
  • Lawrence is an exceptional marketing leader with a proven track-record of growing international businesses through the power of marketing. I was privileged to work with him while he re-structured Accuity’s global marketing team and was very impressed with his ability to handle the exacting demands of a multi-cultural sales-driven organisation during a period of unprecedented growth and transformational change. He is an excellent people-manager with the ability to help his team understand the big vision in a way that taps into their emotions and delivers outstanding results. I have no hesitation in recommending Lawrence as a marketing leader, as he would be a great asset to any firm.

    - Malcolm Taylor,
  • I have worked closely with Lawrence for many years. Over that time the business has transformed significantly and throughout Lawrence has been at the helm, transforming our Marketing Department and teams in line with changing needs of the business and it’s through Lawrence’s foresight and vision that we’ve developed our skills and capabilities ahead of the curve. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Lawrence and will miss his great positive attitude and energy.

    - Louise Allen,
  • Lawrence is an inspiring individual. He is always learning and is adept at creating rich visions and working towards achieving them with others. He has shared his enthusiasm for health and wellbeing through developing a very successful Wellbeing programme at RBI, and is committed to improving his own health as well as supporting anyone who wants to make positive changes of their own. I find him to be an incredibly positive individual. His openness about his own learning experiences also make him a wonderful mentor and I have learnt a lot from him since we first worked together in 2001.

    - Kate Duffy,
  • Lawrence brought me into RBI and Accuity in June 2015, and I can wholeheartedly recommend him as a thoughtful,kind and effective marketing leader. I have relied on Lawrence as a strong leader as I started my new role as CMO. He is an executive who is superb at seeing the big picture and the possibilities, while equally able to map a clear path through the details to get there. One of Lawrence’s biggest strengths is as he sets a transforming vision for an organisation is ensuring he brings the people in his group along with him on the journey; landing on the other side feeling engaged and valued.

    - Jennifer Locker,
  • It has been one of my best professional experiences working with Lawrence to develop & scale RBI’s Living Well programme. Living Well was Lawrence’s brainchild & as the creator & Executive Sponsor of the programme, Lawrence’s commitment, energy & passion for supporting RBI’s people has made a lasting, positive impact on the culture of the company. I was delighted to see RBI win the CIPD Award for ‘Best Health & Wellbeing Initiative’ earlier this year – a true testament to Lawrence’s vision, leadership & success of the programme.

    - Kirsten Samuel,
  • I’ve been very impressed with the transformation that RBI has undergone as a business. And Lawrence has been a big part of that driving the transformation of the marketing function through the transition from ‘traditional’/publishing to more data/digital/tech/product.

    Lawrence is a rare senior executive who really ‘gets’ digital in all its forms as well as all the important softer skills (vision, leadership, culture, talent management, commercial acumen etc).

    Lawrence has also always been an active member of the marketing/digital community, contributing a lot to Econsultancy (speaking, writing, judging etc) as well as many other trade bodies and industry organisations (e.g. IDM).

    - Ashleigh Friedlen,
  • Not only is Lawrence an outstanding strategic thinker, but he also has led one of the most effective digital marketing transformations in a large corporate that I have seen. Uniquely he combines vision, with detail and delivery and has a rare ability to build strong teams. I would strongly recommend Lawrence as a go to thinker if your business is considering any form of marketing technology transformation.

    - Shane Redding,
  • Lawrence is a supportive and inspirational leader who makes a positive contribution to business success and performance through innovative marketing and customer experience strategies. Lawrence brings a wealth of energy, enthusiasm and ideas to everything he does which results in highly motivated teams who deliver positive outcomes for themselves and customers. Lawrence has that unique ability of being able to communicate effectively across all levels of an organisation – he is passionate about his ideas and that rubs off on people who will always go that extra mile for him. In recent years Lawrence has been a successful champion for the company’s Wellbeing program that reflects his passion for creating a healthy and caring workforce.

    - Nick Watt,



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